The Daily Drop: Balance Fixes for SC2 and LoL

Terrans rejoice, Doran's Shield may soon be nerfed and TSM adds a sub in today's drop.
Protoss' Mothership Core

1. Balance Patch Incoming for StarCraft II

Fear not, Terrans. You’re about to get some help against those nasty Protoss. Blizzard is implementing a small balance patch this week for StarCraft to fix some problems with the Protoss vs. Terran matchup. They include:

  • Time Warp cost increased from 75 to 100
  • Ghosts start with the energy upgrade built in
  • Make the natural expansion ramp smaller on Daedalus Point.

There are a couple of other things Blizzard will continue to test, including a sight nerf for the Mothership Core. Go to the post for a look at the full list of proposed changes.

2. Riot Hitting Doran's Shield With Nerfstick

Speaking of nerfs, Riot is looking into a major nerf of Doran’s Shield, a popular starting item in League of Legends.

According to a post in Riot’s forums, a dev named Xypherous said: “Doran's Shield is warping the bottom lane matchups and pick structure right now fairly significantly. The relative power of the item has also dramatically increased due to the mastery/vision/support changes and so the item is just better in every respect this season compared to last.”

Sorry Doran, your shield is just a little bit too strong.

3. TSM Grabs MegaZero

Team SoloMid got a mega new substitute player in top laner Patrick 'MegaZero' Glinsman.

TSM announced Tuesday that they acquired the former CompLexity Gaming starter, saying: “(We) chose him as the substitute not only because of his insane 1v1 mechanics, but also to make use of his vast competitive experience. We are confident he will fit in well with the rest of our team.”

Earlier this week, it was also announced that TSM struck a partnership deal with Alienware.

4. The Life of Scarlett

The A.V. Club just published a profile on StarCraft pro Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn and some of the hate speech she's subjected to by the SC community. The feature begins with a look at Scarlett immediately following her thrilling match against Choi "Bomber" Ji Sung in the opening rounds of Red Bull Battle Grounds.

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