The Daily Drop: Hearthstone Talk

Hearthstone's creators open up, Minigun takes Ender's Game and State leaves ROOT in today's drop.
Hearthstone: Hereos of Warcraft
Hearthstone: Hereos of Warcraft © Blizzard
By Ryan Smith

1. Hearthstone Creators Suprised by Success

The makers of Hearthstone told IGN they didn’t expect the collectible card game to take off so fast.

In the Q&A, Hearthstone lead designer Eric Dodds said:

“That’s definitely been one of the challenges, because we were not necessarily expecting it to be a huge eSport. Certainly when we first started working on it, we talked about it and said ‘hey maybe this could be a cool eSport some day’! We were not thinking ‘hey, maybe this will be a giant eSport before it leaves closed beta.’ With us having a small team, what it’s meant is that we haven’t been able to provide all of the tools we want to provide, especially with the rapid rise of it, sort of feeling like an eSport, so it’s definitely something that we talk about.”

Dodds also noted the team would work on creating more eSports features after the game is released. Hearthstone transitioned from closed to open beta in late January.

2. Minigun Takes Ender's Game Tourney First Round

Chad "Minigun" Jones beat Max "Astrea" Angel to win the first round of a U.S. based StarCraft tournament sponsored by movie studio Lionsgate to promote the movie Ender’s Game’s release on Blu-Ray.

The pro players were divided into two groups for qualifying matches airing on Twitch and MLG.TV. The second round begins today and runs through Feb. 16th. Minigun now advances to the Ender’s Game on Blu-ray Tournament: Championship Round on February 22nd for a chance at $10,000.

State © Team Liquid

3. State Leaves ROOT Gaming

State has already changed states. Now he’s changing teams. In a post on ROOT Gaming, it was announced that pro StarCraft player Ryan “State” Visbeck is parting ways with the ROOT organization after six months with the team. State has been playing in South Korea with Prime for the last month. In a statement, he said:

“Without the support of ROOT Gaming and its sponsors, I wouldn't have the opportunities that I have today. Though I love ROOT Gaming, my focus right now is training in Korea and earning the chance to play for a Korean team.”

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