The Daily Drop: An eSports Players Association?

Snoopeh talks players union, yet another LoL patch, and IEM's latest StarCraft tournament begins.
Stephen "Snoopeh" Ellis
By Ryan Smith

1. Snoopeh Talks eSports Union

Evil Geniuses League of Legends pro Stephen "Snoopeh" Ellis said he is considering forming a players association for pro gamers. In a post on Reddit, responding to a discussion about a Spanish player’s salary, Snoopeh said:

“I really wish I had more time on my hands, I'm currently deliberating the formation of a player union to help standardize contracts and create transparency between players and teams. It would also help to provide power to the player which typically they lack in their current contracts between team owners and themselves. Comparing eSports contracts to Sports contracts such as the NBA, NFL or MLB is genuinely laughable - even if they should really follow the same premise (of course the money is less significant, but principals the same).”

At first he used the term “union” to describe the proposed organization, but later made an edit and changed it to “player association.”

2. New LoL Patch Reworks 2 Champs

Once again, there’s another patch in the works (4.2) for League of Legends.

There’s the usual mix of balancing tweaks, item changes and bug fixes. The major changes are character reworks for Xerath and Skarner – which will both change the way they look and play. For a full list of changes, head to Riot’s post about it.

As a bonus, Riot is also offering Valentine’s Day eCards you can send to your eSports sweetheart.

IEM Cologne groups

3. IEM Cologne Begins

Don’t expect a lot of Valentines to be passed out at Intel Extreme Masters tournament that kicks off today in Cologne, Germany. The pro StarCraft players are battling it out for $10,000 and 750 WCS points. The action today determines who will make into the fourth spot in the brackets. Then the top 16 will play against each other round robin style to determine who will make the final bracket at the end of the weekend.

To watch the fun, click here.

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