Three Must-Watch Dota 2 Games of the Week

The cream of the crop from a busy week of professional Dota 2.
Na'Vi goes into the final 3
Na'Vi goes into the final 3 © Dota 2 The International
By Andrew Groen

With the joinDOTA League, MLG T.K.O., Nexon Sponsorship League, and the Dota 2 Champions League all running concurrently it’s virtually impossible to catch all of the Dota worth watching. So, here are the three standout matches from a very full week of pro play.

Team Zephyr Fights for the Nexon Sponsorship League Crown

For more than the last month, American Dota fans have cast their eyes toward South Korea as newly founded Team Zephyr marched across the Pacific to take on Korea’s finest. With fan favorite players like William “Blitz” Lee and Kevin “Purge” Godec, Zephyr was destined to be a fan favorite, but it remained to be seen whether they’d manage to compete in a South Korean scene that was still very much an unknown quantity.

Team Zephyr performed extremely well in the tournament before being sent to the losers’ bracket by EoT Hammer. They fought their way back into the Grand Finals, and got a chance to take vengeance on EoT Hammer in a best of five series earlier this week. They brought glory to the USA by routing the team in a series that is bound to be cathartic for StarCraft and LoL fans who have long been suffering at the hands of Southeast Asian teams.

Na’Vi Battles Team Liquid in an Instant Classic

Six months after their awe-inspiring run at The International 3, Team Liquid remains the great hope for North America to have a truly competitive Dota 2 team. So quite a few people were curious to see how the team was coming along this week as they faced off against perhaps the best team anywhere in the world, Na’Vi, in the Dota 2 Champions League.

The series started out in terrible shape for Team Liquid, as they were getting slowly beaten into submission by Na’Vi. But Team Liquid pulled off one of the best comebacks in recent Dota history. Every game in this best of three series was absolutely thrilling as these two teams battled back and forth over three 50+ minute games, including a truly epic 75 minute Game 1.

The terrible tension of VirtusPro vs Na’Vi

Na’Vi and VirtusPro had been battling hard for over an hour before the former finally arrived on VirtusPro’s doorstep looking to take their middle barracks. What ensued was a positively nutty team fight with VP battling with their backs against the wall doing everything they could to hold back the encroaching Na’Vi squad.

The final defense alone is worth watching this match, and it’s just icing on the cake that it came at the end of an awesome 70 minute game. One of the best conclusions to an epic war yet in 2014.

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