The Casters of Red Bull Battle Grounds Atlanta

Some familiar faces, and some new friends, will be joining us in Georgia.
Kevin "RotterdaM" van der Kooi © Cameron Baird / Red Bull Content Pool
By Rob Zacny

With a competitive field full of some of the best players in WCS and in North America, Battle Grounds Atlanta will need some expert talking heads to stay on top of the action. That's why the casters for Atlanta collectively represent some of the keenest insight into StarCraft 2 and the North American scene, as well as some of the most entertaining personalities in eSports.

In all, five of the most revered talents in the StarCraft 2 scene will bring their signature style to the table this weekend. You won't want to miss it.

NathandaM Returns Once More

WCS North America fans will be glad to see Kevin "RotterdaM" van der Kooi and Nathan "Nathanias" Fabrikant back at the casting desk, just as they were for Battle Grounds North America. The two have practically become the faces and voices of North American StarCraft since taking over the WCS America broadcasts, and their great chemistry and complementary personalities make each cast feel informal and fun.

RotterdaM comes from the pro Warcraft III scene, which was home to a lot of Europe's best RTS talent prior to StarCraft 2. He's been casting StarCraft 2 since the game's launch, making a name for himself alongside Ben "MrBitter" Nichol (now with Red Bull) in Europe before crossing the Atlantic to cover the NA scene.

Nathan "Nathanias" Fabrikant © Cameron Baird / Red Bull Content Pool

He's been paired with Nathanias since Season 1. Nathanias comes from a grassroots background, coming to the community's attention via his streaming career and community casting before getting work calling games at premier tournaments. While Nathanias doesn't have a background in competitive play, he's one of the game's most thoughtful analysts.

The two casters are also on the cutting-edge of StarCraft caster catch-phrases, retiring "dicey" sometime this year and shut down StarCraft drinking games forever with "_____ is doing work" and "But at what cost?" If the Netherlands survive to the World Cup final, fans will also find out whether or not RotterdaM can call a game and watch soccer at the same time.

ToDay in Two Days

There is a wealth of professional experience where Battle Grounds casters Yoan "ToD" Merlo and Sean "Day[9]" Plott are concerned.

Day[9] needs no introduction, having long been StarCraft 2's most recognizable teacher, evangelist, and enthusiast. His Day[9] Dailies have taught a generation of fans to play and love the game, and his casting is some of the most entertaining and informative around. His background in comedy and professional Brood War give Day[9]'s approach a unique identity in professional StarCraft.

Yoan "ToD" Merlo © Cameron Baird / Red Bull Content Pool

ToD is also unique among casters by virtue of being one of a very few who still plays StarCraft 2 at a high professional level. Not only did he enjoy an enormously successful career in Warcraft 3, but he still competes in WCS EU Premier and recently made it to the round of 16 there. His long professional experience and ongoing high-level play give ToD insights and understanding that few other casters can match.

They are joined by by Alex "Axeltoss" Rodriguez, who is well-known to fans thanks to his long association with MLG and his deep involvement in the community. He was one of the people behind the original Lone Star Clash, which has turned into a favorite community-organized event that rivals many larger productions in terms of quality and attendance. He may also be the most polished broadcaster of the bunch, with a clean, no-nonsense delivery that would not be out of place on ESPN or NBC Sports.

With this top-shelf lineup of casters, Battle Grounds Atlanta will be sure to be one of most watchable, enjoyable eSports events of the summer.

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