The EU LCS Summer Playoffs Recap

ROCCAT and SK Gaming both avoided relegation and earned a spot competing at Gamescom on Friday.
SK Gaming will be headed to Gamescom. © SK Gaming
By Rhea “Ashelia” Monique

At the end of the week, Riot held the EU LCS Summer Playoffs see who would get to keep their LCS spot for next season without going into relegation. ROCCAT faced off against Supa Hot Crew while SK Gaming took on Millennium in a series of best of five matches.

In the end, ROCCAT proved they deserved a place in the LCS with a convincing 3-1 series win against the now relegated SHC. Meanwhile, SK took a flawless series of wins over a lackluster MIL who couldn’t seem to pull themselves together.

Supa Hot Crew vs. ROCCAT

Supa Hot Crew has always been decent at the late game. Unfortunately, getting there has been a consistent problem for them; they consistently demonstrate poor decision making and an inability to push advantages. This best of five series was no different where SHC was outmatched and unable to perform at LCS quality against ROCCAT.

The third game was the sole win for SHC during the series; it was a long, stifled match. After going 0-2 to ROC in the previous two games, Supa Hot Crew were weary and unable to carry with their lead. They managed to win solely by stalling past an hour where it all came down to the final Baron fight. Dead even in gold, each team at nearly 100K, ROC simply didn’t have the damage to turn a team fight in their favor by late game. Facing SHC’s Kayle ultimate, Guardian Angels, and several shields from Orianna and Morgana, ROC tried to dive deep to try to assassinate the carries of SHC but found themselves unable to. With Twitch still up after the team fight, he was able to clean up the rest of the fight and set Supa Hot Crew on their path to victory.

The win was short-lived, however. The next game was partially decided in Champion Select, where ROC was able to get a better team composition featuring both Morgana and Maokai. During the actual game, ROC showed SHC how to actually push advantages--picking up towers as well as dragons and barons in the mid game where they had a stronger power spike. Celaver constantly put out a lot of damage as Corki while Tristana was unable to really ramp up.

ROCCAT will be facing off against Fnatic Friday. © ROCCAT

SK Gaming vs Millennium

SK Gaming ran over Millennium during Friday’s matches for a 3-0 series victory. SK consistently showed better control and strategy. In Champion Select, they managed to get picks like Morgana and Maokai; decisive and confident, they manipulated the picks and bans into their favor each game.

Their confidence carried over to the matches as well. Mechanically each lane was in SK Gaming’s favor and team fights also went their way—for the most part. In the third and final game of the series, SK ran over the map and rotated to pick off lone members of MIL. The gold lead started to grow rapidly in SK’s favor as the teams transitioned into mid game and they continued to take objectives. SK finally realized their advantage and steamrolled down mid to take the inhibitor before the thirty minute mark. While they had a few mistakes - including a bad fight over Baron - they managed to keep their lead and close out the game.


For the second split in a row, the same four teams are in the top four in the EU LCS. To make matters worse, the difference between the top four to the bottom four is a vast ocean. Both ROC and SK demonstrated strategic Champion Selects and frenzied objective control, but SHC and MIL were the opposite—both of the relegated teams showed hesitant and disorganized gameplay as well as shot calling. And unfortunately, each team in the series displayed massive throws and bad calls that other regions would have capitalized on. In many ways, EU teams are still struggling; these matches only further exemplified that.

Next Friday, ROCCAT plays against Fnatic and SK Gaming faces Alliance at Gamescom. Here’s to hoping these games are a little bit more competitive.

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