Meet League of Legends' newest Champion, Azir

For the second time this month, Riot has given us a new champion to take to Summoner’s Rift.
Azir is League of Legends' new Champion © League of Legends
By Alex Rubens

Normally, when Riot releases a new champion for League of Legends, there’s a break period before we see the next one. This time around, however, that break was just a few short weeks as they introduced Azir, the Emperor of the Sands.

Azir summons Shuriman soldiers to aggress his enemy champions, but they aren’t direct control, instead responding to the player’s right click. It’s an interesting dynamic that should play well against current champions. In addition, if the player is stunned or not actively engaging in combat, his minion soldiers are no longer a threat, as they are no responding to his commands.


Riot points out that he can be extremely versatile in team fights too, all depending on where they’re taking place. In lane, he can order troops around and use his enemies to overwhelm the opponent and control the area. In doing this, he can force enemies to move around the map and, working with his jungle play, trap them in areas to let his teammates jump in.

Riot released a profile on Azir that’s worth a read and should give you some additional insight into what he can do for team comp. The profile suggests pairing him with Yasuo, Sejuani, and Sivir, while straying clear of lanes with Ziggs, Kassadin, and Maokai. 

Adding context, Riot explains exactly where his fits in well. “Add Azir’s ultimate to the mix and the Shuriman leader exercises even more zone control. To go for the kill, start off with Arise! and Shifting Sands to position Azir behind his opponent. From there, Emperor’s Divide drives the foe deep into Azir’s side of the map. Pushed so far into Azir’s territory, the opposing champ’s sure to meet their end at a spear’s tip. If offense proves temporarily unwise, Azir’s ult provides safe passage from a fight, building a wall between Azir and his pursuers,” they said.

Reception seems to be going over quite well so far, as Azir comes with a unique skill set that really differentiates him from the horde of other champions. We look forward to seeing what he could possibly do if introduced to LCS play and what else Riot has up their sleeves in the coming months.

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