Dig and mYi Advance to Heroes Spring Global

One titan and one underdog emerge as the region’s representatives in Seoul next month
Dignitas hoists their Spring Regional trophy © Blizzard Entertainment
By Jonathan Deesing

In a shockingly vicious tournament, Team Dignitas and mYinsanity emerged as the finalists in Europe’s Spring Regional. Other than a 2-0 loss to mYinsanity in groups, Dignitas stormed through the tournament undefeated, including a 3-0 finish over mYi in the finals. After battling each other, both teams now head to Seoul where they will compete with seven other regions in the Spring Global Championship.

The level of competition was as high as North America’s regional, and a few newcomers left a major impression. While Dignitas stood head and shoulders above everyone else at this tournament, the rest of the region may not be very far behind.

Surprising Standouts

The biggest surprise at last week’s tournament was mYinsanity, who coasted through groups with a 4-1 game record, including a shutout of Dignitas. But mYi had to fight hard to overcome Virtus.pro in a contentious semifinal, and was skunked by Dignitas in the finals. This steep drop-off is troubling for the squad that now heads to face off with the best Heroes teams the world has to offer.

mYinsanity’s flex player Nurok © Blizzard Entertainment

“I didn't expect mYinsanity to play anywhere near as well as they did,” Dignitas’ Snitch said afterward in a reddit AMA. “They have an incredibly impressive performance and we didn't expect the strength they showed.” Snitch did cite a difficulty scouting the squad, and if this can play to their advantage in Seoul, mYinsanity may have a shot at surprising a few more teams. But mYsanity wasn’t the only standout.

Formerly known as GoogleIshetZont and comprised of ex-MeetYourMakers and Virtus.pro players, Epsilon eSports fought through a grueling qualifier to earn a spot in the top 8. Though they dropped out of the tourney after an unimpressive 0-2 run, Epsilon was much more competitive than their 1-4 match record would suggest. The team matched up fairly in skill with most of their opponents and controlled objectives well. However, questionable shot calls late game cost the team at least two games. With this experience behind them and improved shot calling, Epsilon could very well compete at the highest level next season.

The Best and the Rest

Team Dignitas’ Snitch and Bakery are the only remaining members from last November’s world title runner-up squad. A few weeks after BlizzCon, the team picked up former Natus Vincere flex player JayPL; Ménè and Wubby joined just two weeks after qualifying for Katowice with Fnatic. “It's definitely surprised me how quickly people are to give up on a roster without trying to fix problems,” Snitch said. Yet, Dignitas has found success despite an inconsistent roster.

Dignitas team captain Bakery after a win © Blizzard Entertainment

With captain Bakery anchoring the team and Snitch having recently returned after a falling out, Dignitas has a solid foundation. JayPL has also worked on an off with the two since November. But it’s the synergy of newcomers Ménè and Wubby that really makes the team excel. Wubby has stepped in as a shot caller and also controls the conversation in drafting. And other than a hiccup in groups, the team’s drafting has been spot on with the new squad. “I'm positive going into Seoul as I think this lineup is the best I've ever played with,” Snitch said. “I'm excited to see what we can do.”

Team Dignitas and mYinsanity depart this month for South Korea where they will gain priceless experience to bring back to home. But they may find that they are returning to a much more competitive scene in Europe.

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