Red Bull Kumite 2017 Is Coming

Red Bull Kumite is back with 16 of the best Street Fighter V players in the world.
A shot of Snake Eyez and Bonchan at Red Bull Kumite in Paris in 2016
Kicking off at Red Bull Kumite in 2016 © Teddy Morellec/Red Bull Content Pool
By Ben Sillis

Street Fighter’s classiest tournament is back. Red Bull Kumite is returning to the iconic Salle Wagram auditorium in Paris, bringing with it 16 of the world’s best players — and you could be one of them. We’ve got all the details on it — as well as the name of the first four entrants to tip their hat — right here.

We’re still recovering from the excitement of last season’s Capcom Pro Tour, but things are about to kick off in 2017 in a big way. Red Bull Kumite, the unique fighting games event, takes place across the weekend of May 27-28. With livestreams in multiple languages, it’s a global event, but it’s one you could be competing in, not just watching.

On Saturday, May 27, 256 players, pros and amateurs alike, will take part in the Open Qualifier to try and win their way into Red Bull Kumite. Two finalists will qualify for the invitational Red Bull Kumite the next day.

For your chance to participate, simply register on from March 12 at 8 p.m. CET.

Red Bull Kumite takes place on Sunday, May 28, where the 14 invited professional players and two wildcards will do battle in the final tournament, a relentless fight that will happen in front of the whole world.

To get your seat for Red Bull Kumite, book your ticket on from 3 p.m. CET on March 18.

Before then, check out the first four confirmed Street Fighter stars heading for the Salle Wagram in May. Will it be you going face-to-face with them for the title?

Tokido (Echo Fox)

The gifted Japanese player — a two-time Red Bull Kumite finalist — has already shown his talent on Street Fighter V during the Capcom Pro Tour first season. He’s not about to stop either: His favorite character, Akuma, is in the game for this second season, making Tokido one of the most feared competitors again this year.

A shot of Tokido performing at Red Bull Kumite in Paris in 2016
Tokido performing at Red Bull Kumite in 2016 © William Kerdoncuff/Red Bull Content Pool

Xiao Hai (Qanba Douyu)

The Chinese prodigy is a King Of Fighters legend and since arriving on the Street Fighter competitive scene a few years ago, he’s proven just as capable. Faithful to his character Cammy, Xiao Hai, invited to Red Bull Kumite for the first time, will prove a fearsome opponent in a 16-player-tournament, where competitors will have little chance for error: His superhuman reactions may make all the difference.

PR Balrog

PR Balrog has been hugely successful on the Capcom fighting game circuit since 2009: He placed second on Marvel vs Capcom 3 at EVO 2011, ranked in the Top 8 in almost all EVOs during the Street Fighter IV era and placed fifth at the 2014 Capcom Cup. The American competitor is also well known for being one of the best Balrog players in the world; Red Bull Kumite will be the occasion to watch the maestro at work.


RB is the perfect player for Red Bull Kumite: he fights at an amazing level, plays a beautiful game and, above all, he chooses unusual characters. While he mained Hugo on Ultra Street Fighter IV, he decided to pick Alex at the Stunfest 2016 Street Fighter V tournament … and eventually ended season one with some impressive performances with Urien. For his first time in Red Bull Kumite’s cage, RB will likely be the audience’s favorite challenger.

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