Red Bull Curates: Canvas Cooler Project New York

The 1896 Bushwick: 592 Johnson Ave. Brooklyn, NY
© Ryan Zimmerman/Red Bull Content Pool

Celebrating some of the most innovative contemporary artists in NYC as they turn their eye-catching designs into canvas-wrapped Red Bull coolers. You and a luminary panel of judges will vote 2 artists through to participate in a group exhibition in Miami during the 2013 Art Basel Season.

Hours: 6-9pm VIP/Press, 9pm open to the public
*Venue subject to capicity so please arrive early.

DJs: Mess Kid and DJ Cougarskin
Judges: Jaime Rojo , Steven P. Harrington, Bill Carroll and Noah Becker
Artists: Brian Kirhagis, COL_ WALLNUTS, Jerkface, "phetus®", MICHAEL ANDERSON, TOOFLY NYC, cope2, Tanja Vulin, INDIE 184, Beau Stanton, ICY and SOT, Steve Wasterval, Hanksy, Sofia Maldonado, WhIsBe, David M Cook, UR New York, JMR, MRS, Zimad.

Price: Free (21+)

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