Red Bull Curates: Canvas Cooler Project 2014

Miami, Florida
© Greg Mionske/Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Curates: The Canvas Cooler Project pairs up-and-coming artists with local venue owners in eight major US cities (Los Angeles on March 6; Portland, Oregon, on March 20; Chicago on April 17; Denver on May 14; New Orleans on June 26; Orlando on July 24; Houston on August 14; Philadelphia on September 25) to create custom and functional pieces of art. Hand-picked artists are given the challenge of transforming a blank canvas-wrapped Red Bull cooler into an inspired work of art. The finished pieces are unveiled to the public in a one-night only exhibition, where gallery patrons and a panel of judges vote for their favorite pieces, awarding two artists in each city an invitation to exhibit at SCOPE Miami Beach December 2-7, 2014.