IFSC Boulder World Cup 2014

© Sebastian Marko/Red Bull Content Pool

Sports Climbing consists of three disciplines. There is the ‘Speed’ category that pits two climbers side by side in a timed race to the top of the wall, the polar opposite of the methodical approach needed to succeed in ‘Lead’ climbing.

Perfectly placed between those two skill sets is ‘Bouldering’. Men and Women use a maximum of 10 movements to power over a vast array of shaped and sized boulders bolted on to steep vertical walls often topped off with an imposing overhang.

They have no safety support other than the vice-like grip that their fingertips might allow them. This is a sport that truly lives up to the mantra of ‘living on the edge’. It is as captivating to watch, as it is exhausting to compete in, and those on show has truly earned the right to fight for the World Cup crown.