Stunt School: Sleeping Dogs

While we wait for a next-gen sequel, Sleeping Dogs’ epic Hong Kong is still the perfect playground.
Stunt School: Sleeping Dogs
Stunt School: Sleeping Dogs © Square Enix
By Jon Partridge

United Front Games and Square Enix’s 2012 open world romp around Hong Kong island, Sleeping Dogs, is one of the best city-sprawling games we’ve seen in years, but we’re dying for a next-gen sequel. The game’s developers have hinted that a successor is in the works, currently known as Triad Wars, but despite hints that the game would be shown off this year, we’ve heard nothing since. That doesn’t mean we can’t take a peek back at Wei Shen’s epic adventure, Red Bull style, as there’s plenty of challenges you can still try your hand at, from epic parkour runs to flying bikes to keep you busy until its next-gen sequel arrives. Join us as we take a look at the best stunts on offer in the narrow alleys and winding slopes of Sleeping Dogs.

Rotate around

© Square Enix

YouTube gamer JB BARZ shows us there’s still plenty of life left in the two-year old game, making it the ideal arena for busting out epic stunts. Witness Wei Shen busting out his best Robbie Maddison impression on a bike by squeezing through tight footbridge gaps, dialling down 360s over huge jumps and nailing a sweep gap between a car and a bus.

Jump everything

© Square Enix

Who says you need a ramp to gain some air? Take to the city streets, rev up your bike’s engine and use the wide range of supercars on offer in Hong Kong as your own personal, improvised ramp – just like gamer Brian Burke in his video above. The result? The ability to hit altitude almost anywhere you are. How many cars can you hop off?

Take the high road

© Square Enix

It’s not just about hitting the gas and gunning down foes in Sleeping Dogs for your adrenaline fix, you’ve got plenty of parkour action too. Hong Kong is the perfect place for you to strap on your free running shoes, pick up the pace and act like the legendary Ryan Doyle, and as iShawny94 shows, the whole city is your playground – leave your motor behind.

How high can you go?

© Square Enix

Sometimes, game bugs can be completely game breaking, but sometimes they can make for some epic moments. Take SchwarzerEde’s video above for example, which makes full use of a strange bug to get some huge air down near the docks for a gorgeous view of Hong Kong, no cable car needed. What we want to know is, how high can you go? Anyone?


© Square Enix

Riding fakie on a motorbike is no mean feat, especially in-game, but JB Barz makes it look incredibly easy in his second epic stunt montage video that puts a firm focus on huge motorbike stunts – and he even makes his bails look good. He also manages to make full use of a strange glitch to send him flying far out, away from the city into the waters and lands his bike in some of the strangest places on the map. Thomas Pagès, take note!

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