Art on the F1 Track: 10 Best Vettel Helmet Designs

Take a closer look at 10 helmet designs Sebastian Vettel wore during the 2013 Formula 1 season.

It's no secret Sebastian Vettel changes helmet designs more frequently than most do their knickers. However, unlike undergarments, Seb's helmets are custom pieces of art -- no, your Spidey chonies don't qualify as an installation. Each of Vettel's helmets are beautifully designed often carrying a theme that ties it to a particular GP.

Fancy purchasing one? Sebastian Vettel along with teammate Mark Webber are both auctioning off helmets to raise money for spinal cord injury charity Wings for Life. Find out more here.

Whether you're in the market for wearable art or not, take a look at the 10 helmet designs below. These head canvases not only have a ton of craftsmanship, they were part of Seb's fourth F1 championship.