Marc Márquez: Rivals pay tribute

Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa give their appraisal of the MotoGP World Champion's achievement.
Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa © Photo courtesy of
By Joseph Caron Dawe

Fierce rivals on the track, mutually respecting professionals off it, Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa have congratulated 2013 MotoGP World Champion Marc Márquez on his achievement in Valencia.

The Repsol Honda rider's success on Sunday was met with great applause, and his rival to the end Lorenzo acknowledged Márquez's feat after the race.

I think Marc deserved the Championship.

- Jorge Lorenzo

“We tried our best to make them nervous in this race, and especially in this race to make something strange, but he kept calm and focused and it was impossible.”

Pedrosa, Márquez's team-mate, was also complimentary with his words as he paid both the new World Champion and Lorenzo a tribute after another tough duel with his compatriots.

I must congratulate Marc and Jorge, both did a very good season and it was very exciting.

- Dani Pedrosa

“I'm looking at the points, and all three riders are over 300 which is quite impressive. Normally it's not that high. I think we all had a good season and I'm happy with how I ended up.”

Lorenzo determined to strike back in 2014

The gulf between the trio and the rest of the field had been apparent throughout the season and Lorenzo said he would come back stronger next year in a bid to reclaim the title.

“I think us three are at a very high level right now, the other riders can't stay with us in the race,” said the two-time MotoGP World Champion.

“Things can change in the future but now our level is pretty high it's going to be hard to improve. But, as always ,I will try to take some steps forward for next year and I think Yamaha are also trying to improve the bike. I am very positive for next year.”

Márquez's strengths

Both Lorenzo and Pedrosa were in agreement over the key to Márquez's phenomenal success. The 20-year-old has won the 125cc, Moto2 and now MotoGP titles in the past four seasons...

“Marc's strong points I think are his talent and his ambition. He always wants to be in front so you cannot relax, you always try to be in front of him,” said Lorenzo.

“He shows very well in every race, and when he's fighting. But of course he rides on the limit, he controls this limit,” added Pedrosa.

The will of Marc together with his talent is a good weapon for MotoGP.

“He seems like he'll crash all the time but finally he doesn't, so he controls the limit!”

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