How Marc Márquez Brought MotoGP to the Streif

Go behind the scenes at Marc Márquez’s ride up the ski slopes of Kitzbühel’s infamous Streif.
By Pablo Bueno and Lluís Llurba

Once again, world champion Marc Márquez took a MotoGP bike to new heights of performance, this time by riding it up the steep slopes of Kitzbühel's infamous Streif: scene of the Hahnenkamm races.

Last week we showed the best shots from Marc's run up the mountain and now we can show you how Marc and his team prepared themselves for the unique ride.

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What were the dangers?

To gain traction on the icy piste, the RC213V bike had 100s of 2-inch spikes attached to the tyres by ice speedway racer Franky Zorn. Franky knows a thing or two about riding with spiked tires, especially what can happen if you fall badly: "When you crash with a wheel like these the injury is not like a knife. It's more like the one from a chainsaw. It's very dangerous!"

Retired FIS World Cup skier Armin Assinger was on hand to explain the unique challenge the Streif poses to the greatest skiers in the world. The annual Hahnenkamm race is skiing's answer to the Nordschleife at the Nürburgring or the TT Races on the Isle of Man. The slope can be as steep as 85 percent and the skiers pull up to 10G in the jumps.

To make the challenge even greater, Marc was also racing against the weather: heavy snowfall had stopped him from doing the ride on the first day, but as soon as the skies cleared Marquez hit the slopes: "If I have the smallest chance, I will try."

And so he did...

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