Watch Red Bull X-Fighters Glen Helen Here - Live!

Tune in here on Saturday at 1:45 p.m PT to see the best in freestyle motocross from Glen Helen.

Freestyle motocross rider Taka Higashino practices at Red Bull X-Fighters Glen Helen
© Chris Tedesco/Red Bull Content Pool

NOTE: Due to very strong winds on site, the webcast, has been delayed 15 minutes. New start: 2:00 p.m. PT.

Watch the webcast on the Red Bull X-Fighters web site.

Freestyle motocross riders are a little insane. They have to be. This is a sport influenced by the likes of BMX, skate, snow, and the rest of the expressionist action sports, but with the underlying consequences that come from falling on a 75-foot jump on a 250-pound piece of what is essentially a high-performance amalgamation of metal, plastic, rubber, and gasoline.

There is no safe bail in moto, as exists in its action sports brethren. But that’s what we do -- moto is not for the faint of heart; it is a lifestyle that suits those who get on a plane and think how fun it would be to jump out (with or without parachute, as demonstrated by Travis Pastrana, king of the savages).

Glen Helen is the demon spawn of Red Bull X-Fighters -- a course that cannot be conquered on ramp skill alone.

That’s why we bring you Red Bull X-Fighters, because the only safe way for them to coexist with normal society is to put them on a closed course and say, “Here. Go nuts.” A pent-up stable of what we in the biz refer to as “aggressive creativity” translates into giant tsunami backflips and whips that beg the question, “How far is too far?”

This weekend is the Glen Helen round of RBXF, amidst the sprawling, desert hills of Southern California. Glen Helen is the demon spawn of Red Bull X-Fighters -- a course that cannot be conquered on ramp skill alone. California loves its freeriding, and if 100-foot natural terrain hips and step-ups have you feeling nervous, do your quivering legs a favor and stay home.

© Predrag Vuckovic/Red Bull Content Pool

Where some have accused FMX of losing its soul in the ramp era, Glen Helen has sought to rekindle the flickering spirit of real motocross: hitting giant lips on a hope and a prayer, fourth gear wide open.

But who really benefits from the on-bike debauchery of Glen Helen Red Bull X-Fighters? You, the viewing public. This year, brings you the entire show live. From Boston to Bangkok, the X-Fighters are available to all of you who have an Internet connection (And if you don’t have one, you’d better take that call from 1979 demanding their life back).

For the rest, the stream kicks off at 1:45pm PST this Saturday, May 11. Tune in at and make sure to bring a paper bag to breathe into should hyperventilation occur. Keep calm -- it may seem like you’re actually on the bike, but you are safely in your home, cold beverage in hand. Enjoy.

Join us here at 1:45 p.m. PT for our live stream; simply bookmark this page (or go to and be sure to check back in for some incredible FMX live action.