GoPro Dairies: Erzbergrodeo

We strapped GoPros to enduro's biggest personalities and recorded their preparations for Erzberg.

Homero Diaz rides the Iron Giant
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Ben Hemingway, two years younger than brother and fellow biker Dan, is a grafter both on and off the track. A welder by trade in the family business, Ben previously competed seriously in the World Trials Championship – something that now serves him well in Hard Enduro. With podium results at The Tough One and the Red Bull Hare Scramble in 2012, plus a top five finish in this year’s Hell’s Gate, Ben is right at the forefront of his sport.

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Wade Young became an overnight enduro sensation after winning the Roof of Africa. When the teenager took hold of his GoPro for a few days we got a glimpse of the dedicated training routine that has allowed him to reach the top so early in his career. We take a tour of Wade’s sporting passions away from enduro as he plays rugby, boxes in the gym, swims in the sea and rides the trails on his mountain bike. Watch out for a nutrition tip from his coach involving popcorn, honey and peanut butter…

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Paul Bolton is the working class hero of the extreme enduro scene. Monday to Friday he’s a key part of his family’s road sweeping business, at the weekends a truly world class enduro racer. Over the years Paul’s achieved considerable success, including podium results at the Erzbergrodeo and Hell’s Gate. Bolts is the privateer who will be chasing the pros around the Iron Giant once again this year…

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Get fresh perspective on the challenge faced by Paul Bolton and his buddies with this GoPro footage shot from the helmet of a rider at last year’s Erzbergrodeo…

© Philip Platzer/Red Bull Content Pool