Taddy Blazusiak – “Who I Think Will Win Erzberg”

Five-time Erzberg winner Taddy Blazusiak gives us his tips ahead of the Red Bull Hare Scramble.
Taddy Blazusiak Red Bull Hare Scramble 2013
Taddy's tips © Red Bull Content Pool
By Robert Lynn

With five consecutive Red Bull Hare Scramble victories Taddy Blazusiak is the undisputed King of Erzberg. For 2013 Blazusiak was all set to chase a sixth win but a crash during the Enduro X race at X Games in Barcelona put an end to that. A spectator at this year’s event RedBull.com caught up Taddy to get his take on this year’s Hare Scramble…

RedBull.com: Who do you think will be the frontrunners in the Red Bull Hare Scramble this year?
Taddy Blazusiak: “It’s always hard to predict the outcome of Erzberg - anything can happen. Nowadays there are about five guys that have the potential to win this race. If you look at the frontrunners like Jonny Walker, Graham Jarvis, Andreas Lettenbichler and Dougie Lampkin - all those guys can win. But my pick would ultimately be Jonny or Graham. I think they’ve got the edge on everyone at the moment.”

My pick would ultimately be Jonny or Graham.

RB: What does it to take win the Red Bull Hare Scramble?
TB: “It takes everything you have inside you to win this race. Going above and beyond what you thought was possible to do on an enduro bike. You’ve got to be a fighter if you want to win here.”

RB: What is the key to success at the Erzbergrodeo?
TB: “The key to success is in the preparation. You can’t come here underprepared and expect to finish. You need the right bike and you must be fit. If you’re lacking in either of those departments then forget it, it’s not going to happen for you.”

RB: What’s the most important part of the race?
TB: “The start is critical. It is probably more important here than anywhere else. To stand a chance of winning you need to be one of the first few guys to get to the first difficult up hills. The first guy there is the first rider that get’s pulled up. That’s an important advantage to gain on anybody else.”

The key to success is in the preparation.

RB: Can you pinpoint your best Erzberg memory?
TB: “Erzberg changed my life. It’s given me the career that I have today so it’s difficult to pick one moment, as they are all important to me. But it’s my first win that stands out the most. When I came here I was a total unknown. So to win it on my first attempt was amazing. That victory led me on to so many incredible things.”

RB: What have you been up to since X Games Barcelona?
TB: “Since X Games Barcelona I’ve not been able to ride. For the last two weeks I’ve just been resting and doing some light training to prepare for round two of the AMA EnduroCross Championship in Sacramento in the US. It’s frustrating but that’s just the way it goes sometimes.”

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