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RedBull.com talks to Ryan Villopoto after his third win of the AMA Pro Motocross season.
Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship in Blountville, Tennessee, USA on 01 June, 2013.
Villopoto takes third win of season at High Point © Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool
By Aaron Hansel

They say that when it rains it pours, and Ryan Villopoto is definitely making it rain in the 2013 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. After winning the first two races of the season, he stumbled at round three when he crashed in the second moto and handed the win to Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey. Villopoto then came roaring back at High Point to win both motos by large margins. Here’s what was on his mind in the press conference following the day’s racing.

RedBull.com: You put a close pass on Ryan Dungey on an uphill triple in the second moto, one that Dungey called ballsy. What’s your take?
Ryan Villopoto: Yes and no. I was jumping into the inside and I was coming up the inside of that jump. Ryan went to the left; I went to the right. He banked off the berm and I was coming across to the berm, so I guess it depends on what angle you want to look at it. But I know it was close, but I wasn’t going necessarily straight after him. I was jumping that triple to the very inside and trying to hug it to the inside but it was still a little wet in the middle there and I was going to the end of the berm and he went to the beginning of it and cut back. It’s one of those racing things. I think it was close but clean.

RB: What was the track like? It looked like, especially in the second moto, there weren’t really any good lines, there were just maybe ones that weren’t so bad.
RV: I thought it was good. It had a lot of line choices. With how much rain that they had, they had to push kind of a lot of the good dirt off the track, so we had some pretty good lines and ruts and the base of the track was very hard, and that was like that hard clay. So it made it tough to try to get traction and it wasn’t like you could just say ‘Okay, I’ll just turn and pivot here.’ You had to definitely wait and kind of slide into your lines and try to set up early. It was technical in that you just couldn’t really go wherever you wanted to go.

RB: The series takes a week off and then we head down to Budds Creek. We know that Budds Creek has been very good to you in your professional career, so you have to be excited about going there. What are you going to work on in this week off?
RV: Yeah. I really enjoy Budds Creek. I like it a lot. We’ll go back. We’ll regroup. We have some little things that we’ll fine-tune. There’s not a whole lot to do. There’s time to do a lot of testing, so we’ll fine-tune some things. We’ll try to make it better. We have some ideas and things that are already made up. I just need to go back now and try them. We’ll just keep plugging away.

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