Jerry Robin Qualifies for Loretta's on 1985 Honda

How confident would you be if the bike you rolled up to the gate was a dozen years older than you?
By Eric Wright

If you needed only one rule to operate by when trying to compete on a national level in motocross, then "ride a bike that is not more than a decade older than you" would be a serious candidate.

Of course, rules are meant to be broken, and 16-year old Jerry Robin showed up at the Loretta's regional at Millville (watch the video above) and threw the book on how to be competitive out the window by lining up on a 1985 Honda CR250. That’s 1985, as in nearly 30 years ago.

What's more, he destroyed the track and handily qualified in the Two-Stroke class with a second -- and an eighth in 250 B will likely see him running his second class at the Ranch, as well. His bike may be old enough to ride the Vet class as well as rent a car and have a solidly-funded 401k, but Jerry still rides the hell out of it.

How often do kids throw fits when they don't get the new iPhone or Xbox? Jerry must laugh at their petty existence.

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