Paul Bolton wins Red Bull Romaniacs Prologue

Paul Bolton took first blood at the Red Bull Romaniacs by winning the Prologue.
By Robert Lynn

In front of fifteen thousand spectators, Paul Bolton held off Jonny Walker for the win with Ben Hemingway placing third on the Red Bull Romaniacs Prologue Stage.

Grabbing the holeshot, Walker held an early lead as chaos ensued behind him. With the first tree stump section catching the majority of the forty-one riders out, both Bolton and Walker gained a slight advantage over the chasing pack.

With the pairing swapping positions numerous times throughout the fifteen-minute race, they kept the legions of Hard Enduro fans on their toes. Entering the final lap, Walker looked to have the edge on his fellow KTM rider until Bolton yet again fought back. Reeling in Walker, he pushed his way to the front and crossed the finish line victorious.

Bolton takes first blood at Red Bull Romaniacs
Bolton takes first blood at Red Bull Romaniacs © Robert Lynn/Future 7 Media

“That was a crazy race,” commented Bolton moments after taking the chequered flag. “One minute I was leading, the next it was Walker. At one stage I held a decent gap over him but then I crashed in the tree stump section – it was lethal. Every lap there was riders stuck everywhere.

“On the final lap I just went for it. I gave it everything I had and managed to take the lead. Entering the final few sections I hung on as best I could and got the win.”

Paul Bolton goes quickest on day one in Romania
Paul Bolton goes quickest on day one in Romania © Robert Lynn/Future 7 Media

Despite holding the lead throughout the majority of the race, Walker was still happy to end his night on the podium.

“That was a great race,” told Walker. “It was crazy. The sections were really tough and they caught everybody out. I was lucky not to make too many mistakes. Bolton and myself were riding really good. One lap he’d take the lead but then I was able to pass him back.

“I did my best to win but I made one mistake on the final lap and that was enough to lose the race. But second is a great start to the week. I’m excited for the rest of the race.”

Completing the British 1-2-3 in Sibiu, Ben Hemingway fought his way through the carnage to take third.

“I’m really happy to have finished on the podium,” commented Hemingway. “My start was rubbish and I didn’t actually know what position I was in. All race I kept plugging away and managed to pass riders every lap. It wasn’t until I came over the finish line that I was told I finished on the podium.”

Graham Jarvis and Alfredo Gomez completed the top five.

Results – Red Bull Romaniacs Prologue

1. Paul Bolton (KTM); 2. Jonny Walker (KTM); 3. Ben Hemingway (Beta); 4. Graham Jarvis (Husaberg); 5. Alfredo Gomez (Husaberg).

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