In Search of the Perfect Moto Whip with K-Dub

Get yourself prepped for the July 4 holiday with revving motors, redneck guitars and dirty whips!
© Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool
By Eric Wright

In the latest offering of his fantastical whip adventure (watch the video above), Brett Cue kicks up some dirt with moto legend and all-around style ninja, Kevin Windham. Brett is producing this series as he pursues one of the coveted spots in Moto X Best Whip at the X Games in Los Angeles.

In the spirit of the July 4 holiday, we figured there was nothing better than a little Skynyrd, a backyard pool and some sick whips, so sit back, grab a cold one, and watch Brett and Kevin do silly things on their dirtbikes that we only wish we could do.

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