Malcolm vs James Stewart: Brothers Prep for Battle

Watch James and Malcolm Stewart get down and dirty at their motocross compound in Florida.
By Eric Wright

There are few motivational factors that have the same effect as sibling rivalry. It oftentimes pushes a brother or sister to higher levels of excellence. Take the Stewart brothers, for instance.

Through his years moving up through the ranks of amateur and professional motocross, younger brother Malcolm Stewart has lived in the shadow of big brother and living legend, James Stewart. But the time has come for Malcolm to get some of the light.

Jumping into the 450 class this year, Malcolm has been a revelation, and no one has noticed it more than his big bro. After all, Malcolm's newfound vigor on a dirtbike means that James will have to push the envelope to new extremes if he wants to maintain his title as the "Fastest Man of the Stewart House."

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