Mixing it up with Michal Kosciuszko: DJ

We catch up with the WRC star who likes swapping his in-car intercom for a pair of headphones.
Michal likes to get people jumping © McKlein
By Carl McKellar

Michal Koscuiszko likes noise – if it’s not the sound of his co-driver’s voice or of gravel littering the underside of his car on the World Rally Championship’s stages it’s the best in dance tracks as he unwinds at home in Poland as a tame DJ.

Time for redbull.com to put some questions to him…

What are your all-time favourite 3 dance tracks?
•Bee Gees – You Should Be Dancing
•La Bouche – Be My Lover
•Dr. Alban – Sing Hallelujah
They always get your feet tapping to the rhythm. I’ve just found an amazing group from the 80s, Midnight Star. They have some cool hits like ‘No Parking on the dance floor’ and ‘Operator’.

What types of music do you prefer to play?
House, Electro and Vocal mixed with some well known themes and dance hits from the 90s like La Bouche. Recently I’ve discovered ‘Glitch Hop’, a mix of electronic beats and hip hop samples.

What kit do you use?
Decks: I have Technics SL 1200, good quality and stylish. Mixer: Pioneer DJM 600, very nice four-channel equipment and for me it’s more than enough. Headphones: Stanton DJ PRO 2000. Now one of the most important bits – Traktor Scratch PRO 2; this software lets me play my MP3 files from the vinyl record. So you can keep the good old school way of mixing using MP3. A built-in effecter gives you amazing possibilities. It’s a fair set and good enough to roll a nice party at home.

Michal mixes it up both on stage and on his decks © McKlein

How much DJ-ing do you do?
I started seven years ago and DJ-ed in a few clubs in Krakow and Warsaw, but I don't have enough time to commit to it like that now. People judge you if you’re not spinning fresh tracks which you need to keep the crowd jumping.It’s more my after-hours hobby so often there’s dust on my deck… I prefer to do it at home for my friends. I have some good play lists which I know they like. To cheer up my fiancée Zuzi I always play a set that she loves and it works great. I don’t play any instruments, but she’s from a musical family so I certainly have enough music in my life!

Have you ever had a poster saying ‘Featuring DJ Mike’ on the wall outside a club?
No I never had this kind of poster… maybe some day but for now I'm not on the level to be a guest star DJ in the club. I would like to DJ at an after-rally party some day. That would be nice.

Michael isn't best friends with his neighbours © McKlein

Can you scratch records?
A little bit but it’s very difficult. You need to practice a lot. I use it to add into my mix from time to time but only when nobody’s listening!

Do you go out dancing or do you just sit there admiring or criticising the DJs?
I don't like night clubs so much. Sometimes I go out with my friends, we dance a bit, but when I hear a good DJ I can just stare for hours listening and watching his style. I don’t criticise other DJs because I'm not so good myself!

Do you have any favourite DJs?
Yes, recently I found two great DJs called GoodFellaz. They play Glitch Hop. You should check it.

What is your favourite club?
My living room. When we have a party it’s very loud. My neighbours hate me…

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