Video: The Elements of Enduro

Super slow-mo footage of top Enduro riders demonstrating that their sport is far from elementary.
By Tim Sturtridge

Shot at 1000 frames per second this video gives a unique insight into the essential elements of Hard Enduro from a super slow motion perspective.

Riders master the Earth below them as they glide over dust, mud and rocks; Water is represented by river crossings as well fuel and oil for the bike; Air is produced via the exhaust pipe and finally Fire is created by the 2 stroke combustion engines.

All of these elements recently came together as the normally tranquil mountains of Romania were disturbed during the tenth edition of the Red Bull Romaniacs. The best Hard Enduro practitioners in the world such as Chris Birch, Lars Enockl and Paul Bolton were along to enjoy the ride.

A few days before the fun and games of the Red Bull Romaniacs these riders tackled a Freeride Adventure. Red Bull Media House and Throttle Entertainment were on the scene to capture this footage that embodies the Elements of Enduro.

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