Julien Dupont Lands on the Moon

French trials legend Julien Dupont's latest adventure finds him riding lunar landscapes in Greece.
French trials legend Julien Dupont Riding to the Moon on Milos Island, Greece
Julien Dupont rides the moon © Samo Vidic/Red Bull Content Pool
By Carter Jung

If you’re Julien Dupont, a motorcycle trial rider who’s conquered global landscapes ranging from the gritty favelas of Rio, Brazil, to the eerie Castle Dracula in Transylvania, where to ride next? How about the moon?

Considering it’s in orbit 238,900 miles away and the fact that the last time a man set foot on the lunar surface was during the early ‘70s, the moon seemed a bit of a stretch. Instead, the French rider looked for locations with surfaces that were similar the moon. The search ended with Sarakiniko Beach.

Located on the north shore of Milos Island, a Greek isle in the Aegean Sea, Sarkiniko Beach is known for its rocky surfaces and geological formations that are all blanched in a lunar white. The locals refer to it as the moon.

“If we cannot go to the moon,” explains Julien Dupont. “We will bring the moon to us.”

For a consolation location, we think the results of his latest motorcycle adventure are out of this world. So much, we’re over the moon.

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