5 Stunning Moto Photos of the Week

Check out some of the face-melting moto shots we found in the last week.
Tarah Gieger riding moto and pretty lights is a 5 Must See Photo of the week
Tarah Gieger and pretty lights © Robert Snow/Red Bull Content Pool
By Eric Wright

1. Tarah Gieger and pretty lights
Tarah Gieger is a member of the moto family who has made the transition from motocross to enduro in the past year. Tarah is always one to put on a show, so when the cameras came out for a night shoot at her secret facility in Florida, she busted out the KTM and ripped through some puddles for us (see above). Well, maybe a little bigger than a puddle…

2. Justin Barcia Sends One For The Fans At Unadilla
Justin Barcia is known for his inhuman abilities on a motorcycle, and at the Unadilla press day, he made sure to remind everyone why he is better than they are. Barcia sent some massive whips into the stratosphere off the marquee feature of the Unadilla track, the Sky Shot, a massive 100-plus foot tabletop with enough boot on it to send riders into Felix Baumgartner territory. Click here to see the photo. Make sure you have on your wings.

Ken Roczen doesn’t need feet is a 5 Must See MX Photo of the week
Julien Dupont does it on the moon © Matt Rice/MXPTV

3. Julien Dupont does it on the moon
Julien Dupont has otherworldly talent on a trials bike, so we decided to make it official by sending him for a ride on the moon. As you can see, it produced imagery so stunning you might need to wear a space suit to properly view it all. Check out the video of his lunar ride here.

4. USA! USA!
This past weekend, some of the world’s top amateur racers converged on the hard pack terrain of Czechoslovakia for the Junior World Championships, an event where nations field teams of riders to compete on an international stage and determine which country has the best amateurs. American 125 racer Josh Mosiman does a little bit of celebrating as he passes his fellow countrymen on the way to the checkered flag, and ultimately the victory for the United States. Click here to see the image.

Ken Roczen doesn’t need feet is a 5 Must See Photo of the week
Ken Roczen doesn’t need feet © Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool

5. Ken Roczen doesn’t need feet
Sometimes the simplest things make a photo totally badass. Take this snapshot of Ken Roczen at Unadilla: his inside foot is on the peg, and just that is what makes this an absolutely epic shot. As he attacks the track, sheer talent and ability allow him to keep the feet up and power through the turn into the next feature, a steep drop down into one of the Unadilla valleys.

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