5 Best Tweets from the Top Motocross Riders

Kill some time by catching up on the latest news from top MX riders.
Action shot of motocross rider Chad Reed
Chad Reed Utah Motocross Action Shot © Ryne Swanberg
By Eric Wright

"My deadline for what team I'm riding next year is Friday; That decision will decide my bike color" -Chad Reed
According to Chad Reed, today is the day that will decide which bike he will make his 2014 championship assault on. Word on the street is that he will be riding for Suzuki or KTM. Stay tuned...

"I'm beyond pumped with how much I learned and progressed over the past couple months. Bring on SX!" -Adam Cianciarulo
Adam Cianciarulo completed his first partial pro season with a moto podium in the penultimate round. Next year will mark his first full year under the Pro Circuit Kawasaki tent. He’s a little guy doing big things, at least according to his tweets.

"It bothers me when people tweet that they've had a bad day. I mean, it's obviously not THAT bad if you've got an iPhone to tweet it from." -Malcolm Stewart
Clearly, Red Bull/TLD Honda rider Malcolm Stewart is wise beyond his years, and a huge fan of Apple products.

"So excited to wear my new #bieber shirt Tomo that @hes_tanner got me for my birthday!!!!" -Shane McElrath
TLD Honda rookie Shane McElrath wants the world to know how he gets down. And he knows that real men wear purple.

"No matter how old, new, cheap, or expensive your car is the one thing that is exactly the same is the seat belt.. When will they change it?" -Cole Seely
When will they, indeed? We've got our eyebrows raised and our fingers crossed.

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