Moto Style Check: Roczen, Bogle and Anderson

Compare the distinct styles of three 250 kings as they pull tricks worthy of Cirque Du Soleil.
By Eric Wright

The SkyShot table at Unadilla is one of those jumps where whips are mandatory. Fans brave steep hills and the elements to one of the most remote locations on the track just to have a front row spot for the brief seconds that the riders fly by. It’s a showman’s dream jump, and luckily for us, the younger generation of moto ninjas cannot pass up a chance to wow the fans and potentially score a few phone numbers out of the deal.

Take a look and compare the distinct techniques of 250 aces Ken Roczen, Justin Bogle, and Jason Anderson as they throw down different types of performances.

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Kenny Roczen busts a sick whip
Kenny Roczen pulls a sick whip on the SkyShot at Unadilla.
Kenny Roczen busts a sick whip In the image above, notice how Ken Roczen throws his whip right, which is unnatural for this jump and goes to show what an impressive rider he is. © Ryne Swanberg
Bogle pulls a one-footer
Justin Bogle pulls a one footer at the Unadilla SkyShot in 2013.
Bogle pulls a one-footer Check out how Bogle employs his signature one-footer, which is always a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. © Ryne Swanberg
Anderson lays it flat
Anderson lays it flat at the SkyShot at Unadilla 2013.
Anderson lays it flat And last but not least, Anderson decides to lay it flat, because pancakes always go down well with the action-craving fans at Unadilla. © Ryne Swanberg
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