Moto Style Check: Flying at High Point National

Marvin Musquin, Joey Savatgy, and Justin Barcia compare notes on the huge double at Mt. Morris.

The track at High Point features a gargantuan double on the infield that makes riders quiver with nervousness and fans giggle with delight.

A turning double -- out of a right-hand 90 and right back into another -- with a face steep enough to have documentaries made about climbing it, the jump sends riders on quite the trip. The 450 riders generally hit it with ease from the inside, but to hit it on a 250 means a lot of throttle and very little caution for what’s about to happen over the next 10 seconds.

Marvin Musquin, Joey Savatgy, and Justin Barcia are a few of the brave soles to take the leap. Barcia has no problem, being on a 450 Honda, but take a look at Savatgy and Musquin reaching for as much height as their 250 KTMs can muster. In the following photos, the riders are at the apex of their trajectory -- right about when they will know whether they’ll make the landing or come up short and wind up in a world of hurting ankles, bent rims, and potential hospital bills.