MX Style Check: Whips at Washougal National

250 Class Whip Kings Ken Roczen, Wil Hahn and Cooper Webb compare notes in Washington.
By Eric Wright

It goes without saying that we love whips. They rule. They’re like Christmas and the first day of summer vacation wrapped up in one gigantic flick of the back wheel. Amidst a world of chaos and headlines filled with Miley Cyrus’s freakishly large tongue, people still love a good whip, so we can all rest easy.

Every year at Washougal, when riders aren’t occupied by an errant “laser," they can be found in practice doing all sorts of fantastical whip maneuvers over the step-up heading into the back corner of the track. And luckily for us, photo genius Ryne Swanberg knew to venture that way once the likes of Ken Roczen, Wil Hahn, and Cooper Webb came around.

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Ken Roczen throws one out to next week
Ken Roczen throws one out to next week Ken is a diabolical whip machine. The natural hyperactivity of youth combined with an inhuman ability on a motorcycle creates a whip cocktail that always goes down silky smooth. Ken easily threw some of the biggest whips of the day at Washougal. © Ryne Swanberg
Wil Hahn sees your whip, and raises you a nac-nac
Wil Hahn sees your whip, and raises you a nac-nac With a penchant for showmanship, Wil Hahn is always getting into delightful antics in the air, much to the satisfaction of on-lookers. Hahn throws a nac-nac into his whip at Washougal, in tribute to the undisputed king of Supercross, Jeremy McGrath. © Ryne Swanberg
Cooper Webb gets his lean on
Cooper Webb gets his lean on Style just comes naturally to some riders. Cooper Webb is the type who just happens to look good in every photo. You could snap a picture of him, mid-sneeze, and dude would still look good. Here, Webb leans into the face and lets the bike fly, effortlessly. © Ryne Swanberg
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