Is Ken Roczen Turning American?

From winning Stateside motos, surfing and throwing pitches, is the German MX star turning American?
By Aaron Hansel

If you caught footage from the recent Motocross of Nations in Teutschenthal, Germany, you saw Red Bull KTM’s Ken Roczen lay a beating on the rest of the world’s best MX2 riders, as well as the big bikes in the MX2/Open moto, which he won outright. It was magic moment for Roczen, who rarely gets to compete in front of his countrymen.

With Roczen’s recent romp to victory aside, one could make the argument that America is making an honest attempt at adopting the European icon. He’s fitting in quite nicely, too. In gaining not only acceptance, but love, from American racing fans (and his American girlfriend) and winning the Western Regional 250SX Championship, he’s already accomplished what few foreign riders have been able to do.

Since taking up residence in California he’s become a large fan of surfing the Pacific waves, an activity that’s earned him the nickname, “The Big Ken-Huna,” with the American moto media (click above). Correct us if we’re wrong, but last time we checked, surfing wasn’t exactly a German pastime!

Speaking of pastimes, Roczen even had the honor of tossing out the first pitch at a San Diego Padres baseball game. What’s more American than that? Not to mention, the transplant had a Kenny Powers-inspired jet ski training sesh. Sorry Germany, but it looks like you’re going to have to raise a new motocross star. Roczen is turning America-nese. We really think so.

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