Ryan Dungey: Out for revenge at Red Bull Give Me 5

After finishing second at the MXoN, Ryan Dungey is out for revenge at Red Bull Give Me Five.
Ryan Dungey, one of the best riders in the USA.
Ryan Dungey, one of the best riders in the USA © Simon Cudby / KTM Images
By Red Bull España

RB: This is a new kind of format and new event. What do you think it's going to be like?
I’m expecting it to be very different from anything I’ve raced before. It’s a one off type event so it will be unique not like something we race in the USA currently. It will be a five lap dash!

RB: It's a sprint race, so do you have time for tactics?
To get a good start and sprint as hard as I can the whole five laps. That’s pretty much the only strategy I think one can have!

RB: Do you think a good start is the key of the race?
For sure! Because the race is so short you want to get out front early on. If you’re not out front from the start then you only have a few laps to try and get around everyone. Coming from behind can work in motocross because riders get tired racing for 35 minutes so you push hard at the end to get by. But with this race no one should be tired during the five laps so you definitely don’t want to try to pass people while they are sprinting for just five laps.

Ryan Dungey wants revenge in Madrid after losing the MXoN.
Dungey wants revenge in Madrid after the MXoN © Simon Cudby / KTM Images

RB: As this is a series of fast races, which of the four-stroke bikes will have an advantage, 250 or 450?
It will depend on whether the track is tight or more open. But from looking at the track map, I think it would be more favourable to have the power of the 450….

RB: Do you think that this sprint format will be more interesting for casual spectators? And do you think the hardcore MX fans might be disappointed?
I think it will be exciting because it’s an easy format to understand and for the fans to follow. Who doesn’t like seeing a bunch of fast racers going all out sprinting for five laps. There will be some serious dirt bike battles!

RB: Many fans say that the best part of a MX race is the start and the first five laps. Do you agree?
I tend to think the most exciting part of a race is the final few laps because everyone is going all out to get the win. However, since this race is only five laps long everyone will be going all out from the very start so I think it’s kind of like seeing the best opening and closing laps all at once!

Ryan Dungey is one of the MX stars taking part in a new and innovative MX event: Red Bull Give Me Five in Madrid, Spain. Check out www.redbullgivemefive.com for more info!

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