Anatomy of a Bubba Scrub: JS7's Epic Pass on RV

Frame-by-frame breakdown of James Stewart scrubbing past Ryan Villopoto at the MEC.
By Eric Wright

James Stewart was the 16-year-old phenom who threw his bike sideways on jumps – in order to hit it with more speed and stay lower – which opened up Pandora’s Box by creating the new motocross styling of the 21st century.

At the Monster Cup, JS7 utilized the move to its full potential in order to pass Ryan Villopoto during their hard-fought battle, and the watchful lens of Ryne Swanberg was there to capture the moment. Take a look at how a true Bubba Scrub comes to be, by one of the most badass people to ever swing a leg over a motorcycle:

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1. Pre-scrub
1. Pre-scrub JS7 has yet to hit the take-off, so the time of anticipation for excellence is now. Notice how he is clearly behind Villopoto, which is going to change in the next few seconds. © Ryne Swanberg
2. We have lift-off
2. We have lift-off Now, we're moving. James has hit the take-off and begun to throw the bike sideways. He's not done yet, not by a long shot. What's worth noting right now is that he is traveling distinctly faster than Villopoto off the same jump. © Ryne Swanberg
3. Sittin' sideways
3. Sittin' sideways Now JS7 is getting to the apex of the scrub -- the point at which the rider and bike are the most perpendicular with the Y-axis. Those are just fancy terms to describe the point of most ridiculous flatness. © Ryne Swanberg
4. The apex
4. The apex It's time to start bringing this thing back. Notice Stewart's height compared to RV's. Things are about to get interesting. © Ryne Swanberg
5. The whip
5. The whip The whip following a scrub is a direct result of hitting the stops on the handlebars when performing the actual scrub. Now, we are over the hump; it's just about riding this out and putting that power on the ground. © Ryne Swanberg
6. The end result
6. The end result This is the final stage in the scrub timeline. Notice how James has now caught Villopoto in the air. Both riders are looking at landing at the same time, but keep in mind that James hit the jump faster, so he will be landing with more speed. That's why we scrub. © Ryne Swanberg
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