10 Signs That You're a Major Ken Roczen Fan

Can't get enough of that sweet #94? Peep this list.
Ken Roczen throws a whip at Spring Creek 2013.
Ken Roczen lets one loose © Ryne Swanberg
By Eric Wright

 In a world of uncertainty, and endless struggles in each and every aspect of life, there is one everlasting truth: Ken Roczen is the sh!t. How can anyone not be on board with the #94? Here are ten definitive certainties about your life as a Ken Roczen supporter:

1. You were on board with eye make-up after you saw the video above.

Ken wins the 2011 FIM World MX2 Championship © Red Bull Content Pool

2. You knew damn well that the manliest thing you could do in this moment was cry :'(

3. You will never get sick of this battle. You have watched it a thousand times, and will watch it a thousand times more:

4. Surfing immediately became your second favorite sport when you saw this video.

Ken and GF, Mariah, after his win at Hangtown 2013 © Garth Milan/MCG

5. Whether you're a man or woman, you are at least slightly jealous of his girlfriend. We are.

6. This is the best first pitch you have ever seen. Sign him up!

Ken's heat race did not go well, nor did his LCQ © Ryne Swanberg

7. You were inconsolably upset after the heat races in Salt Lake this year...

Of course, Ken was always in control in SX © Garth Milan/MCG

8. ...and you basically held your breath until Vegas, but then scolded yourself for ever doubting the way of Roczen.

Kenny almost won the whole damn thing... © Garth Milan/MCG

9. You completely lost it when he almost won at the MEC (and may or may not have immediately started placing bets that he will win an SX in 2014).

Yeah, but that chain though...

10. And of course, you have the chain, and you run it everywhere.

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