Red Bull Straight Rhythm: Evolution of Supercross

Learn about the top secret moto event and how it's poised to be a supercross game changer.
© Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool
By Eric Wright

If you grew up racing motocross, at one point or another, your dad laid these words of moto wisdom on you: Jump for show, corner for dough. Finally, the day has come that you can tell pops to stuff it, and all of that fun you were having on the jumps was worth it.

This is Red Bull Straight Rhythm, where the plan was to take the supercross game and flip it on its head. The first step was to design and build an SX track that's been unwound -- no turns, just a half-mile of straight up supercross. Next, invite the fastest riders on the planet to test the ground-breaking course and see what happens.

Jessy Nelson and Cole Seely at Straight Rhythm © Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool

Luckily for us, the plan worked out swimmingly. James Stewart and his brother Malcolm, Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musquin, Jessy Nelson, Cole Seely, and Justin Bogle all made the trip to a secluded valley in southern California to take a swing at Straight Rhythm.

Head-to-head motos lasting just shy of 60 seconds – nearly equivalent to a lap of supercross – meant epic racing all day long, and these guys weren’t even actually racing. Thanks to an insatiable competitive drive, the riders put on a hell of a show.

The brothers Stewart syncing their scrubs © Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool

Straight Rhythm essentially transforms the status quo of supercross. No one is pulling away and making a snoozer out of a half-mile, pin-it-to-win-it race. It is all about bike skill, and just how far a rider is willing to go with it.

Mind blowing rhythms, incredible scrubs, and a complete disregard for sensibility when approaching the gargantuan whoops section were all regular aspects of every lap. Cole Seely had a triple step-on in one of the rhythm sections that was an absolute mind blower.

Jessy Nelson lays down a scrub at Straight Rhythm © Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool

The fastest riders of the day? Well, that would be everyone. As was alluded to earlier, Straight Rhythm is a level playing field allowing for the best of the best to throw down.

It was James Stewart with the ever-so-tantilizing words of the day when the day of testing was all said and done: “If this was a real race, there was a lot more that I would have been doing out there.”

A real Straight Rhythm race? Interesting. Interesting, indeed...

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