Welsh rugby international George North – Fast Talk

The dynamic winger talks Autumn internationals, dream cars and motorsport ahead of Wales Rally GB.
Welsh rugby player George North runs with the ball on a recent visit to Red Bull's HQ in Salzburg, Austria
George North is one of Wales' standout players © Ramsey Cardy/Red Bull Content Pool
By Greg Stuart

George North has been one of Wales’ standout performers since making his international rugby debut in the side aged just 18 back in 2010.

But inside the Northampton Saints winger beats the heart of a true petrolhead, who’s not afraid of taking on the odd trackday or two…or three.

Redbull.com took some time out with George to talk about Wales’ Autumn internationals campaign and discover what would be in his dream garage…

Redbull.com: George, what’s the mood in the Welsh camp after the recent 24-15 defeat to South Africa?
George North: Obviously it was a bit disappointing because I think we stood a great chance of turning them over and I think the score of three tries to nil didn’t really reflect the game as it stood. There was quite a long spell when we were on top of them physically but I think at the end of the day, they were a little more clinical than we were. We were guilty of being a little bit rusty having not played together for a while. But for the chances we had, we should have really utilised them better.

Welsh rugby player George North visits Red Bull's Hangar-7 complex at Salzburg Airport
George at Red Bull's Hangar-7 complex in Austria © Ramsey Cardy/Red Bull Content Pool

RB: Does England’s win over Argentina give you confidence going into that next game with them?
GN: I didn’t really see much of it because we were playing the same day, but from what I gather, England did a good job on Argentina. But with Argentina playing so well in the recent championship they’ve got with South Africa, New Zealand and Australia [the 2013 Rugby Championship], they’re not a team to rule out. They’ll come back stronger and hungrier for a win.

RB: So moving onto cars and motorsport, you’re from Anglesey in North Wales. Have you ever driven on the famous track up there?
GN: No, I’ve never been around it but I’ve been there to watch and stuff. I wouldn’t call myself a massive fan of motorsports, but when the big races are on, the F1, the rally, Le Mans – I mean, I’m quite a sporty person so I do like to watch them.

RB: But you’re not really one for racing yourself?
GN: Well I tried it, but it didn’t go very well [laughs]. It’s a long story. But I’ve done a few track days and I love that sort of thing. Being able to drive fast on the track has been awesome. I’ve had a good few weekends on the track.

Welsh rugby player George North would want an Ariel Atom in his dream garage
An Ariel Atom would be in George's dream garage © Ariel

RB: What’s currently in the George North garage?
GN: Well I’m currently driving a Range Rover, which is lovely.

RB: Just the one car? That’s disappointing…OK, so what would be in your dream garage?
GN: I’m a massive fan of the Bentley Continental GT – it’s a lovely little car. I would have an Ariel Atom in there as well, because that would be a mental car to have, wouldn’t it? I’m a massive fan of an Aston Martin as well, so any of their range I’d be happy with. If I could get my hands on an old Jaguar E-Type, I’d have one of them as well.

RB: Good choices! It’s the Wales Rally GB this week. Have you ever been down to watch it?
GN: Unfortunately I haven’t been able to go because that’s our high-time season, so I’m unlucky with timing because I can’t go down and watch it. But to have it in Wales is awesome. As a nation we do love our rally, so to have the rally in Wales is great for the sport. I wasn’t really into it growing up, but I’ve got into it more and more as time’s gone on.

Wales Rally GB – the final rally of the 2013 WRC season – takes place from the 14th – 17th November. Click here to head to Red Bull Motorsports’ event page.

George is currently part of Wales’ squad in the Autumn internationals. Head to the Welsh Rugby Union official site for more information.

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