Who Was Kurt Caselli? 10 Facts About the Legend

Remembering some of the greatest attributes of a truly great motorcycle racer.
Kurt Caselli seen during the technical verifications prior to the Dakar Rally in Lima, Peru on January 4th, 2013
Kurt Caselli with crew at the 2013 Dakar Rally © Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool
By Eric Wright

Recently, off-road racing lost a beloved friend in Kurt Caselli after a crash while leading the Baja 1000. Kurt was taken from us far too early, but not without leaving behind a legacy as one of the most gifted motorcycle athletes of all time. The following are but only 10 of thousands of reasons that made Kurt Caselli so awesome:

1. He always cared that you got the proper nutrition, just because he was a good guy.

And he also knew his way around the kitchen, like any real man should.

2. He knew a little something about riding a dirt bike, too.

Goon riding never looked so poetic, am I right?

3. He was not afraid to hit massive jumps.

Watch the whole video, but keep an eye on the jumps at about 2:37, because holy crap, they are ginormous.

4. He was basically good at every form of off-road racing.

Prior to Baja, Kurt was preparing for his campaign in the Dakar Rally for Red Bull KTM. And yes, he was a favorite to win.

5. He knew a little something about racing motocross, too.

Kurt raced a KTM 450 at the Southwick National in 2012, where he finished 28th. That's right, the desert racer beat a lot of guys who race MX for a living.

6. He was basically one of the most badass dudes on the planet.

Hold on tight, because this helmet cam will have you white knuckling the arms of your chair within the first two minutes.

7. He could always enjoy a day in the hills with friends (and had the most killer helmet hair ever).

Did we just come up with the newest trend in male haircare? I'm definitely walking into a salon and getting a Caselli, now.

8. He also wanted you to know the ins and outs of proper bike pick-up technique.

And once again, that helmet hair!

 9. The guy could ride the hell out of a freakin' motorcycle.

R.I.P. Kurt Caselli
R.I.P. Kurt Caselli © Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool

10. And finally, he always did it with a smile on his face.

Thanks, Kurt. Thanks for everything.

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