2013 Day In The Dirt: One Perfect Weekend of Moto

Inside the most "funnest" motorcycle race of the year.
Day in the Dirt sidecar moto © Garth Milan
By Eric Wright

Another year of Day in the Dirt has come and gone. Once again, the facility at Glen Helen Raceway opened up to motocross racers, weekend trail riders, Hollywood stuntmen, and anyone else who sees a good day living as a day spent on a motorcycle.

Day in the Dirt is far from a typical motocross race; the two Glen Helen tracks are combined, with a large portion of the pits dedicated to track use as well, creating a huge course that spans the entire gamut of terrain – mud, sand, rocks, steep hills, and even some high-speed paved sections. Lap times were over the six-minute mark for even the fastest of racers.

Day In The Dirt Vintage GP on the line © Garth Milan

Classes at DITD ranged from Mini GP to the Pro GP, with a lot of uniqueness thrown in between. The favorite among fans and racers alike was the Vintage GP class, where a bike was way cooler if it had twin shocks in the back. Another Day in the Dirt staple attraction was the Moto-A-Go-Go, a relay-style team race where industry people, racers, and Hollywood stuntmen all hit the track together.

After the racing wrapped up on Saturday, the riders converged on the track for a tribute lap to the recently fallen Kurt Caselli. About 800 bikes circulated the Day in the Dirt track in honor of Kurt, who was always a favorite to watch at Day in the Dirt.

The Kurt Caselli tribute riders at Day in the Dirt © Garth Milan

The weekend culminated with the Coup De Grace, a survival race with an indefinite length. Officials simply told the riders to “Go until you see the checkers.” The Coup De Grace typically lasts between an hour to two hours, which meant the riders all brought their gas jugs and water bottles to the pit area, because bike and rider alike got very thirsty.

The start is done Le Mans-style, where upon the wave of the flag, riders ran to their machines before hitting the track. California local MX pro Blake Savage managed to hit the checkers first, about 66 minutes after the green flag flew.

And with that, another year of Day in the Dirt was in the books. Certainly a tip of the cap is in order for the whole crew at Glen Helen for the upkeep of their facility -- the track held up surprisingly well, considering about a thousand motorcycles rode countless laps throughout the weekend. See everyone next year!

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