Team Kamaz Master return to defend Dakar title

Team Kamaz Master return to defend Dakar title
© Alberto Lessmann/Red Bull Content Pool

The mighty machinery of Team Kamaz Master is back at the Dakar and aiming to dominate the truck race

The final podium of the previous edition of the Dakar Rally resembled an ocean of blue as Team Kamaz Master claimed a 1-2-3 finish in the truck race. Now the Russian team return to the desert to prove that this remarkable result was no fluke.

“We want to prove that the results last time out did not come by accident,” Vladimir Chagin, Kamaz Team Leader said. “Our new generation of drivers can be even more successful than the last."

The pedigree of Kamaz at the Dakar is indisputable with the team achieving 10 wins since the turn of the new millennium. However, what stood out about their most recent win is that it came after the retirement of the greatest trucker to ever grace the Dakar.

Vladimir Chagin’s record-breaking rally-raid career saw him win the Dakar on no less than seven occasions. ‘The Tsar of the Desert’ still holds the record for victories in a single category at the Dakar. Vladimir retired from racing the Dakar after his win in 2011 and so did his lieutenant Firdaus Kabirov, a two-time winner of the desert classic.

When Vladimir and Firdaus stepped out of the cab they left the door of opportunity open for the next generation of Kamaz drivers. Leader of the new pack is Eduard Nikolaev who continued the winning tradition of the team with victory last time out.

“The philosophy of the team is passed down from one generation to another.” Eduard revealed to “Now the young crews feel responsible for achieving the success that our heritage demands.”

Eduard was joined on the final podium in Santiago de Chile by his team-mates Ayrat Mardeev and Andrey Karginov. First to congratulate the victorious trio was Vladimir Chagin, now performing the role of Kamaz’s Team Leader.

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Team Kamaz Master driving back to the desert
Team Kamaz Master driving back to the desert© Alberto Lessmann/Red Bull Content Pool

Two more Kamaz drivers will join Eduard, Ayrat and Andrey at the 2014 Dakar Rally as Anton Shibalov and Dmitry Sotnikov take the wheel to complete a five-truck line-up.

In addition to some fresh faces inside the cab there has also been significant alterations under the hood of the Kamaz 4326 for the upcoming Dakar. Improved brakes have been installed to help bring the 16 tonne blue beast to a halt. Kamaz also have in mind new emission regulations that will be imposed in 2016 so arrive with not only their trusty Yaroslav engine but also a new motor developed with Liebherr.

With such meticulous planning and chess-like tactics out on the stage it remains clear that Team Kamaz Master are still the guys to beat at the Dakar.

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