Holeshot 101: How Ryan Dungey Nailed it in Phoenix

We analyze how the moto master snatched an early lead in supercross.
Ryan Dungey rips the start at the Phoenix SX 2014 © The Medium Group/Red Bull Content Pool
By Eric Wright

Take a look at this photo and absorb it. Taken at the beginning of heat 1 in the 450 class, it depicts Ryan Dungey pulling an absolutely critical holeshot over Matt Moss (102), Justin Brayton (10), and Ryan Villopoto (1).

But how does he do it? Well, for starters, his KTM 450 is a rocketship, which jetted him into turn 1 a wheel ahead of the rest. But the holeshot goes to whoever exits the turn first, so the job wasn't quite done yet.

Dungey's form here is perfect, better than anyone else in this photo. His bike is leaned over, his throttle hand is holding it wide open, and look at those eyes: looking forward, further ahead than anyone in frame. That's how you know, moments after this, it's going to be #5 out front. Thank you Dungey for the lesson in excellence.

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Ryan Dungey
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