Throwback Thursday: MX Racing in Sydney Harbor

Red Bull City X took over Sydney, Australia's Darling Harbor in 2001, then disappeared forever.
© Ulrich Grill / Red Bull Content Pool
By Eric Wright

Do you remember Red Bull City X? No? Well, we almost forgot about it as well.

Back in 2001, a time when energy drinks were still in their marketing infancy, especially in action sports, Red Bull put together a one-off event in Sydney, Australia, with the goal of creating a completely unique motocross race. One that combined a dirt moto track with the docks of Darling Harbor, complete with a watery jump. That's right, twelve years before Straight Rhythm, we were coming up with this sort of stuff.

Fans in America did not get to see much coverage of City X, save for a couple of images in Racer X. Like the Aussie drop bear, it was never seen in person. Rest assured, the water jump was a huge hit (and yes, bikes did end up in the drink throughout the day).

Click the video up top to check out the 250 final. This was back when riding a 250 meant you were on a big bike. Ah, the good ol' two-stroke days...

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