James Stewart's 5 Most Amazing Victories in Moto

A look back at Bubba's most astounding race wins in supercross and motocross.
It's time to celebrate. © Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool
By Eric Wright

James Stewart is no stranger to winning; he's one of the winningest riders of all time in SX and MX. But throughout his career, JS7 has thrown down at times when a lot more than a moto was at stake. Let's review some of Bubba's most epic wins, going all the way back to his rookie season:

1. Unadilla MX 2002
The James Stewart/Chad Reed rivalry was in its infancy in 2002, but it was very much alive. After Stewart started dominating the outdoor motocross season (as a rookie), Reed commented that he could run at James’s pace if he got a start. James, ever the sportsman, laid off the throttle during the first moto at Unadilla, letting Chad pass him. Afterwards, James proceeded to race Reed, repassing him and pulling away in an especially demoralizing fashion.

2. San Diego SX 2014
What James did this past Saturday night in supercross was a huge statement. He passed and beat Ryan Villopoto in a straight-up race. There were no bad starts, crashes, or lappers with their heads in the clouds. James won, plain and simple. And there was a lot more to standing on top of the podium for JS7 than the 25 points and a trophy.

3. Budds Creek MX 2003
In his second year as a pro, James entered the outdoor national series four races in, after breaking his collarbone at the SX finale in Vegas. In the second moto at Budds Creek, Stewart actually crashed in the start, rounding turn one dead last by a huge margin. Bubba then proceeded to pass every single rider on the track, taking the victory. James would go on to win every moto for the rest of the season. Can you say momentum?

James Stewart performs at the AMA Supercross series in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on February 23, 2013.
JS7 takes the checkers in Atlanta 2013 © Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool

4. Atlanta SX 2013
In a similar fashion to his win on Saturday, James won the Atlanta supercross last season with a smooth and calculated race. At a time when some people doubted his ability to run the pace for 20 laps, he simply went out and proved them wrong. Talking is much more effective when you let your racing do it for you.

JS7 was perfect outdoors in 2008

5. Outdoor National Series MX 2008
We can't have a list of epic James Stewart wins without mentioning the 2008 outdoor national season of motocross, when James won every single moto, a perfect 24 out of 24. What’s more, everyone knew by about the fourth or fifth round that he was going to do it, because he was just that much better than everyone else.

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