10 of the best SuperEnduro 2014 crashes

Wince as we look back on the worst offs from the 2014 SuperEnduro season.
By Robert Lynn
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1. Jonny Walker's balancing act
Jonny Walker KTM Liverpool SuperEnduro 2014
1. Jonny Walker's balancing act Two’s company but three’s a crowd. Fighting for position on the opening lap of Final #2 in Liverpool, Jonny Walker soon found himself battling to stay on track. Trying to force a gap he quickly ran out of road. Luckily the start/finish barrier was there to hold him upright. © Jonty Edmunds
2. Road block
SuperEnduro 2014 Belo Horizonte Brazil
2. Road block First rule of crashing – if you’re going to do it make sure the guy behind you can’t get past. Executing the rule to perfection, Brazilian rider Romulo Bottrel manages to make himself twice as big as he needs to be as he hangs onto his position while picking his bike up out of the dirt. © Jonty Edmunds
3. Oh look… a penny!
SuperEnduro 2014 Belo Horizonte Brazil
3. Oh look… a penny! The classic ‘Oh look, a penny’ routine. Never, ever stop to pick up loose change, especially when you’re in the lead – it’s a trap! © Jonty Edmunds
4. Fetch!
SuperEnduro 2014 Lodz Poland Atlas Arena
4. Fetch! If in doubt – air it out. It’s always easier to get your bike over an obstacle when you’re not actually on it. Only problem is you have to fetch it afterwards! © Jonty Edmunds
5. Blazusiak parks it
Taddy Blazusiak SuperEnduro 2014
5. Blazusiak parks it Even the best get it wrong from time to time. Cartwheeling his way through the matrix section, Taddy Blazusiak parks his bike perfectly between a set of logs. This one hurt. © Jonty Edmunds
6. Unscheduled bath
Kevin Rookstool SuperEnduro 2014 water crash
6. Unscheduled bath Of all the places to fall, US racer Kevin Rookstool is surely wondering why he did it here. Losing the front end in the water splash, Rookstool takes an early bath. © Jonty Edmunds
7. Walk it off
Brazil SuperEnduro 2014 crash
7. Walk it off Walk it off mate, walk it off. The rock garden on a 180-degree corner in Brazil never failed to deliver crashes. One of the trickiest corners to get right, everyone laid it down at one time or another. © Jonty Edmunds
8. ‘The Face Plant’
SuperEnduro 2014 Belo Horizonte Brazil crashes face plant
8. ‘The Face Plant’ Technique: as the bike comes to a dead stop, launch yourself over the bars and land on your face. This one gets a perfect 10. © Jonty Edmunds
9. Take a dive
Mathias Bellino SuperEnduro 2014 crashes
9. Take a dive Slippery, wet, muddy logs are no one’s friend, as Mathias Bellino learns the hard way. © Jonty Edmunds
10. Barrel roll
Taddy Blazusiak SuperEnduro 2014 crashes
10. Barrel roll There’s only so much room to play with in the first corner of a SuperEnduro race and this time it’s Blazusiak who gets nudged out. We’re guessing he’s probably not best pleased with the placement of that barrel. © Jonty Edmunds
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