5 Biggest FMX Tricks from Red Bull X-Fighters

Let's get this out of the way: Don't try these at home, kids.
Thomas Pages of France performs during the final of the first stage of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour in Mexico City, Mexico on March 7, 2013.
Pages was this year's champion © Jörg Mitter/Red Bull Content Pool
By Eric Wright

Over the last decade, the progression of freestyle motocross tricks have been out of control. And no venue has been more conducive to the evolution of FMX than Red Bull X-Fighters. Check out videos of some of the biggest tricks we’ve ever seen at the world’s laboratory of freestyle awesomeness:

1. Wes Agee’s Massive Backflip up the Glen Helen Step Up
What’s this? A regular boring backflip? How can that be? At the Glen Helen X-Fighters in 2012, local boy Wes Agee came out swinging, stomping banger trick after banger trick in his runs. But his gargantuan backflip over the do-or-die step-up in the back blew everyone’s mind. The risk involved with the flip was preposterous.

2. Josh Sheehan’s Double Backflip
When the backflip officially came to freestyle motocross in 2002, people were amazed. When the double backflip came to freestyle in 2006, people were frightened; it was just too gnarly. Fast-forward eight years, and it's still considered far too heavy by most riders in the game. But Josh Sheehan being the alpha-male superhuman that he is, busts them out on what seems like a daily basis. His first double at X-Fighters is viewable at about the 1:55 mark in the above video.

3. Taka Higashino's Rock Solid Backflip
If there’s one rule everyone learns about backflips and motorcycles on day one is don’t do it. If there’s a second rule, it’s don’t let go of the bike. Japanese FMX legend Taka Higashino ignores both with his Rock Solid Backflip, which by all means defies logic and most laws of physics.

4. Levi Sherwood’s Shaolin Backflip
Back in 2001, the Shaolin actually won X Games Best Trick (incorporated with a Sterilizer by Kenny Bartram). Now, sickos like Levi Sherwood are mixing them in with a backflip. Just to give you a little perspective on the progression of the sport. Levi actually had this one at the X-Fighters Dubai round in 2012.

5. Tom Pages’s Special Flip
Finally, a trick that isn’t a backflip. Well, technically it kind of is, but beggars can’t be choosers, so we’ll just go ahead and agree that if the bike is not actually flipping, it is not a backflip. The Special Flip was actually invented by Travis Pastrana’s insane cousin, Special Greg, but it was brought to moto by the king of X-Fighters, Tom Pages. It’s also worth mentioning that Pages could have probably filled this list if we weren’t going for more variety in the riders.

Watch the freestyle motocross action from Mexico on FOX Sports 1 starting at 7:00 p.m. ET/4:00 p.m. PT on Monday, March 17. For more info on X-Fighters, check out RedBullXFighters.com.

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