Tarah Gieger Interview: The Rider and Her Passions

The Endurocross and Motocross star talks about her life’s biggest loves.

© Carter Jung

Tarah Gieger made a name for herself by crushing it on a dirtbike. Not only is she the first female to win a gold medal at X Games, she holds the record for the most medals from the event series. But she’s much more than just a rider -- she has a passion for life that extends far past the track. Tarah’s one of those rare people who’s good at everything… surfing, mountain biking, partying, you name it and she’s better at it than you.

So, after spending a day watching Tarah practice on the track, we sat down with the athlete and asked her a few questions to help you, the reader, to get to know the awesomeness that is Geigsey.

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