5 'Star Wars' Vehicles We Want to See at Dakar

If the Dakar were held in a galaxy far, far away, these are the vehicles we'd love to see in action.
Could this Star Wars jumpbike take part in the Dakar Rally?
Speeder bike: The future on two wheels © starwars.ea.com
By Lluís Llurba

At RedBull.com we're very excited. We love the Dakar Rally and the 2016 edition is about to begin. We're also huge fans of "Star Wars," so we can hardly wait to go to the cinema to watch "The Force Awakens." Frankly, we're going a bit crazy around here.

While playing the videogame Star Wars: Battlefront our imaginations have run wild — really wild. Can you imagine some of the "Star Wars" vehicles racing in the Dakar?

Yes, we know Hoth is covered in ice, but who cares? Let’s dream. These five "Star Wars" vehicles would be sure to give the 2016 Dakar teams a run for their money. So, without further ado, let’s start at the beginning: “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …”

Speeder bike: The future of two wheels (pictured at top)

Can you picture Matthias Walkner, Jordi Viladoms or Joan Barreda racing with one of these jumpspeeders? These motorbikes use gravitational technology, so you don’t need to worry about which surface you are riding (or flying) on. This class of vehicle really emphasizes speed and maneuverability. Flat out it can reach speeds of over 300 mph. Etienne Lavigne and Marc Coma (the guys responsible for the Dakar) would have to penalize these riders for speeding!

Could this Star Wars landspeeder win the Dakar Rally?
Landspeeder: The envy of the galaxy © starwars.ea.com

Landspeeder: The envy of the galaxy

This year Peugeot claims to have a dream team. They not only have the most technically advanced car, but many of the best drivers in the field. But watch out, Peugeot! The landspeeder is coming!

Could these Star Wars AT-STs replace quads in the Dakar Rally?
AT ST: Forget about quads! © starwars.ea.com

AT-ST: Forget about quads

Unfortunately, in the Dakar Rally the quad class doesn't have too many followers. Well, you have got to be a bit crazy to cover 5,600 miles on those four-wheelers. You can't help but admire the Rebel Alliance fighters who try to take on these All Terrain Scout Transports. If Yoda tells you: "Much fear I sense in you," well, then it's time to join the Dark Side and make good use of one of these AT-STs. If somebody dares to overtake you, there are always those laser cannons.

Star Wars AT-AT vehicles in the Dakar Rally
AT-AT: The mighty giants © starwars.ea.com

AT-AT: The mighty giants

Just the sight of it gives us goose bumps. Do you remember the scene when the AT-ATs are shown on Hoth’s horizon? The All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) is a deadly war machine, standing at a height of nearly 74 feet and armed with blaster cannons. The giant has a top speed of 37 mph and can carry up to 40 stormtroopers. Do you think the trucks of Team Kamaz could face this kind of menace? Yes, the force is strong with these ones!

Star Wars snowspeeders in the Dakar Rally
Snowspeeder: The lifeguard © starwars.ea.com

Snowspeeder: The lifeguard

If you are in deep trouble it is a good idea to have air support. During "The Empire Strikes Back" the snowspeeders used by the Rebel Alliance did a lot of damage to the Imperial Forces. It would be great to be able to switch out five ASO helicopters (the company that runs the Dakar) for these incredible spaceships. Each of these vehicles has a harpoon and tow cable to help those fallen in combat.

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