How 'Terrafirma 94' With Ken Roczen Came to Life

Go behind the scenes and on board with Ken Roczen for the re-creation of "Terrafirma 2."
© Garth Milan / Red Bull Content Pool
By Eli Moore

In 1995, Jeremy McGrath headed to Castillo Ranch on his 1996 Honda CR250 to record a segment for Fox Racing's film, "Terrafirma 2."  It became one of the most iconic segments in the one of motocross' biggest and most-renowned movie franchises ever. The then Supercross champ rocketed his bike throughout the Ranch's rolling hills and powered through laps on the Supercross track. Set to some classic '90s punk rock courtesy of California punk band, Face to Face, the segment wore out its share of VCR players as one of the most watched video parts the sport has ever seen.

Check out "Terrafirma 94: The Tribute" HERE.

© Garth Milan / Red Bull Content Pool

Now, more than 20 years later, 23-year-old Roczen takes to the same ranch, on the same bike, wearing the same gear as McGrath did all those years ago. Fresh off of signing to a new team in Factory Honda, Roczen pays tribute to the acclaimed King of Supercross. The German set out on the Supercross track and the hill jumps of Castillo Ranch doing more than justice to the equipment and style pioneered by the sport's winningest rider ever.

Ken Roczen
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