Coming Soon: Mad Mike is out to Conquer the Crown

Mad Mike Whiddett tackles a track of 47 corners, 1.08 km elevation and a top speed 232km/h.
By Tim Sturtridge

Mad Mike Whiddett’s need for speed has seen the Red Bull drift driver come up against some steep challenges in his career.

However, Mad Mike had never come up against anything quite as steep as the Crown Range mountains until he revved up for his latest memorable mission.

With 47 corners to negotiate during the 10km mountainside run it took all of Mad Mike’s drifting skills to keep himself on the racing line. The Kiwi clocked a top speed of 232km/h during this spectacular spin in his native New Zealand.

With a full Conquer the Crown clip released on May 5, here’s a little a teaser to get you in the mood for what’s to come.

Mike Whiddett
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